Schools trialled blogED, a blogging tool soon to be available to all DET staff and students, during 2009 with great success.

This tool will enable staff to quickly and easily establish blogs for each student, in every class, generated using ERN.

There are extensive tutorials and good support is available, making this tool a great resource for students who have been issued laptops. Opportunities to learn about good digital citizenship by exploring the requirements for using original, student created material or following the creative commons guidelines at the blog abound.

Here’s a video tour of the tool you can access via the intranet.

How does my school get involved?

Read everything you need to know about the blogED tool on page 3 of the latest CCP bulletin #30.

Updates regarding blogED can accessed here when connected to the Connected Classrooms intranet.

Encouraging your principal to be ‘provisioned’ for AMU Learning Tools access from the 15th March by emailing will assist you to get students and staff, especially stage 5, composing and blogging quickly at your school.


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