RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’ and helps you to save time by keeping up to date with the important updates at your favourite websites. Instead of you visiting each website, you just go to your Google Reader page where these updates will have been fed using an RSS feed.
Confused? This blog post explains the basics of using RSS. I prefer this short video as an effective, simple, albeit cheesy explanation of how RSS feeds work. Basically, you need to direct your RSS feeds to an aggregator and Google Reader is one of the best. All this means is that you can read your favourite webpages at your Google Reader page instead of the actual website usually visited. This video explains how. Here’s a written explanation. You can create a Google Reader acount here.


Please post a comment if you have need for more explanation OR if you managed to sort this out and successfully have a Google Reader account. Maybe you will add this blog as your first RSS feed?

NB Google Reader can be accessed at DET schools.