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Sugata Mitra: The child-driven education

If you missed watching Sugata Mitra‘s famous TED talk, about his “Hole in the Wall” experiments showing children motivated by their own curiosity teaching themselves and each other, you can see it here.

His new talk is equally engaging:


TED: Ideas worth spreading

Many of you know about TED: Ideas worth spreading and have watched videos online or at conferences. This is a site that teachers and students should know about too, especially due to the diverse range of ideas discussed.

The most recent talk posted at the site has ideas important to the nature of a successful democratic society. Michael Sandel‘s talk, ‘The Lost Art of Democratic Debate’ has a duration of just under 20 minutes and I recommend you watch it right to the end (I minimise and listen) where he briefly talks about his idea for a ‘global classroom’ (after the applause).

I especially recommend this talk to golf fans!

His webpage is here.